STRINGSCAPE: Music from the Los Angeles Composers Collective


Tagline: Music from the Los Angeles Composers Collective

Project Description: The City of Angels is home to composers whose music embodies the world’s sounds. Composers such as Stravinsky and Schoenberg made this city their creative haven. This rich artistic culture continues. The Los Angeles Composers Collective is a group of the city’s musicians writing relevant music in diverse artistic styles, providing live concerts of new music throughout Southern California.

Now we have the opportunity to team up with PARMA Recordings to capture our compositions and bring them to a wider audience through the creation of an album. The current project will result in a compilation recording of original string quartets and quintets written by members of our collective. PARMA has agreed to record our compositions, master, and market the project through Navona Records, as distributed by Naxos. The music will be performed by the Moravian Philharmonic Chamber Players.

The purpose of this recording project is to encourage human creativity by preserving and distributing music compositions from Los Angeles, specifically from the LA Composers Collective, in order to further understanding, musical thought, and artistic expression in the world.

Our world is seeing a increasingly rapid development of technology and worldwide communication and interaction. The Los Angeles Composers Collective is a group of contemporary composers who give a voice to cultures of our time while being conscious and connected to peoples of the past. We need music to be relevant to the people of today in order to continue to promote understanding.

For examples of works for strings by members of the Los Angeles Composers Collective, you can visit the following YouTube links:

String Quartet 1 | Jon Brenner | Fiato Quartet

The Creation: Trio for Erhu, Cello and Piano | Danielle Rosaria

String Quartet No. 1 | Tu Nguyen | Fiato Quartet

The Collective’s Website: